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Form Filling Job
Copy & Paste Job
Ad Posting Job
Research Email Typist
Email List Compiler
Research Assistant
Email List Compiler
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What Comes With A Franchise Job Package?
The earning potential is incredible!

Please Note:
To apply for this position you have to be SERIOUS. You must be willing to do work and conduct yourself professionally. You also need to have at least a home office set up and a working phone number.

1. You get 1 webpage designed by us. (you can add whatever you like to the page)
2. Your choice of any 1 Job package (worth $100) Excluding any combos or franchise.
3. You get a BONUS Affiliate Marketing/Data Entry Training Program (Totally different program)

How Do I Earn Money?
You will be supplied with your own webpage that you will post ads for. The amount you can post is limitless and you earn 50% of ALL earnings made through your webpage. We supply all materials, ads, software & will also send  clients to you.

See Earnings Breakdown Below

Research Assistant costs $50 - You earn $25 each
Email List Compiler costs $60 -
You earn $30 each
Research Email Typist costs $80 -
You earn $40 each
Copy & Paste Package costs $90 -
You earn $45 each
Form Filling Job Package costs $95 -
You earn $47.50 each
Basic Typist Job Package costs $100 -
You earn $50 each
Ad Posting Job Package Costs $100 -
You earn $50 each
Mini Combo Package costs $150 -
You earn $75 Each
Super Combo Package costs $200 -
You earn $100 each
Franchise Costs $250 -
You earn $125 each

Franchise Owner Extra Bonuses

Refer 10 Members
Earn Bonus $100
Refer 20 Members
Earn Bonus $200
Refer 30 Members
Earn Bonus $300
Refer 50 Members
Earn Bonus $500
Refer 100 Members
Earn Bonus $1,000

1. Must be 18 or older.
2. Must Read and Write English and be able to follow written instructions.
3. Must provide a copy of your ID such as a drivers license and a copy of a bill that matches your ID.
4. If paying by paypal, the ID and bill MUST match the paypal account. If you are borrowing an account, they will have to submit these things.

How To Join?

We require a one time registration fee of $250.00 NO Monthly Fees Ever! Use the REGISTER  link.
Your login, franchise information and materials will be sent within 24 hours
This is by far the highest earning package of all & !t's very simple. Just choose the
"Register" button above. After you complete registration you will be taken straight to the paypal page.( No account needed) Submit your one time registration fee and you're done! Login will be sent within 24 hours via your email.

NOTE: If you don't have a paypal account or credit card simply select our "Payment Options".
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